Salt: Gove was the sleeper in the Boris Johnson camp

In the movie Salt, Angelina Jolie is asked to track down a spy in the US government.  It turns out to be her.  Michael Gove turned out to be the sleeper in the Boris Johnson camp.govesaltApparently Boris and Gove have known each other for 30 years, so it was understandable that Boris trusted the suggestion from Michael to back him up and form a dream team.

No-one buys the idea that Michael suddenly realised Boris was not up to the job, and decided to run himself, said an insider.  Gove is clearly aware of his lack of physical appeal and failure to win over the public, as endearing Boris does so effortlessly.  Because Boris clearly is up to the job, and everyone else is insane with envy.  Why did you do it Michael?  said a distraught Nadine Dorries. Nobody believes you!

Boris is not a backstabber, and has never wasted time slagging off his rivals.  He is a deep thinker, with vision, a hugely talented, generous minded politician, who does not need to “get” people, or “take them out”,  as politicians like Osborne, and Gove,  have to do to make up for their lack of ability.

Michael Gove clearly thought he had all the angles covered, got one over on his old friend and would coast into No. 10, using the “I have no charisma but I’m brilliant” argument.  He made just one major error.  Decent people are repelled by such chicanery.   He has blown up his own career, not Boris’s.

Or….. wait!  As conclusive proof that Cam/Osbo were behind this all along, what is the betting that IF Theresa May becomes PM, (without a vote?), she nobly offers Gove a plum job to make sure that Brexit is represented? And what is the betting Brexit Ultra Lite is then forced down the throats of the enraged public?

8 responses to “Salt: Gove was the sleeper in the Boris Johnson camp

  1. Although ive been lambasted, on twitter, for suggesting it, i still believe Boris has come out of this, the bettet man and like the phoenix from the flames he’ll rise again

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