Why undemocratic Remain are just sore losers

There was a  Remain demo in the London streets today, as thousands of people marched against the “unfair” Leave victory in the EU Referendum.  The complaints fall broadly into two categories.  a) the Leave win was based on lies and b) Leave only won by a small margin.For every so called Leave “lie” disputed by Remain, I can think of at least two spouted by Remain.  For example, as Nadine Dorries says, Osbo lied to us over Turkey’s EU application, Turkey is in talks with the EU right now.   And David Cameron broke so many rules, I have lost count. Meanwhile,  Mr. Project Fear, George Osborne, is busily panicking the markets,  talking down Britain and blaming his mishandling of the economy on Brexit.

@Bigmikky tweeted: Remain lies already exposed: EU Releases Plan Further Expansion, An EU Army, AND Turkish Membership bit.ly/298fa27 #marchforeurope

The tweeter @UK_Pat37 tweeted “We are a nation divided!”,  All elections have opposing sides.  When the Tories beat Labour, do we hear demands for another election, because “the nation is divided?” If the nation wasn’t divided in every election, there wouldn’t be any point in holding them, would there.

Below are the statistics of several US elections.

In the 1968 election, Richard Nixon won 31,785,480 votes,  Hubert Humphries won  31, 275,166 votes

In 2000, GeorgeW Bush won 50,996, 039 votes.  Al Gore won 50,456,141 votes.

Most remarkable of all in in 1960, John F Kennedy won 34,226,731 votes, while Richard Nixon won 34,108, 157 votes.  a majority of only about 120,000.

In every case, these results were accepted by the American people in the name of democracy. The Leave majority was over a million votes, a healthy margin.

It is clear that Remain are mounting yet another smear campaign to undermine the Leave victory. The biased tv channels, keen to hang on to their EU kickbacks, are tripping over themselves to present the case for another Referendum.

@isabelleoakshott tweeted: It’s hardly unreasonable for people who backed Leave to want a Brexit supporting PM @DPJHodges !

The people won and the Establishment lost. We need to observe democracy, as should the next leader of the Tory Party. as Charles Moore rightly said today. The next Tory leader should be a Leaver.   The criticisms are baseless, you lost Remain, get used to it.

Update, 7/7/16 This  week the EU asked for another 12 billion.  Before that it was £1.7 billion.  These sums must be factored in to what we pay every week.  The battle bus figure of £350M is likely to be too low rather than too high.

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