Theresa May’s shameful record of failure

“Judge me on my record” said Theresa May.  I doubt very much if Theresa May, the so-called “grownup”,  potential “mother figure” of the Tories, really wants us to do that.    Let’s have a quick look at that so called brilliant record.maytrust1. Introduced the Data Retention Investigatory Powers Act (DRIPA) – which sought to curtail internet freedom – without prior public consultation with groups outside Parliament. This Act was firmly opposed by The Freedom Association, was eventually ruled to be illegal in the High Court and earned David Davis MP and Tom Watson MP consecutive parliamentarian of the week awards (the first time and only time that has ever happened in the history of the award) for their opposition to it.

2. Increased the barriers for qualified non-EU nationals entering the UK, leading to many skilled individuals being sent home. At the same time, she allowed the free movement for unskilled EU nationals – many of whom did not have jobs – to continue. The result was net increases in the UK’s population to record levels, adding over 330,000 per year despite Mrs May standing on a manifesto pledge to reduce annual net immigration to the “tens of thousands not the hundreds of thousands“.

3. Backed Remain in the EU Referendum campaign, despite knowing that free movement with EU states could not – and would not – be controlled whilst the UK remained an EU member.

4. Presided over a “dysfunctional system” in the Home Office as over 700 foreign criminals were found to have been released from police custody without checks. Added to this, during Mrs May’s time as Home Secretary, thousands of foreign criminals – including those convicted of murder – were given citizenship.

5. Opted the UK back into the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) – along with many other measures that gave further powers to the EU – despite having the option of opting out. This is a system that puts those living in Britain in danger. It puts the UK’s court system on a par with those of Greece, Italy and the ex Communist countries of Eastern Europe. Many other countries in the world have different extradition relationships with the EU, and the Arrest Warrant could have been replaced. Despite this, Mrs May helped opt the UK back into this disgraceful system that does not respect UK legal principles.

6. Cut police budgets and the numbers of police officers, leading to Mrs May being called “the single most damaging thing facing the police” by a Surrey Police and Crime Commissioner.

No’s 1-6 are provided by The Freedom Association.

7. Mrs. May also ripped away our secure border controls when this country needed them most.

8. May pretended to be Eurosceptic to climb the greasy pole.  Then she flip flopped to Remain.  Now she says she is for Brexit, to become Prime Minister.

The biggest talent of May is sitting on the fence.   She tried to ride two horses, as the brave Brexiteers fought insuperable obstacles to fight for the rights of ordinary people.  Now she expects us to believe she will fulfill Brexit. During the Coalition years, immigration under May was an unmitigated disaster.  Peter Oborne describes her as an empty politician of no principle.

Anyone who loves freedom and wants this country to move forward would rather die than see Theresa May as PM.

Update:  Under pressure from May’s campaign, this article was pulled from The Daily Telegraph, because it trashed her record.

2 responses to “Theresa May’s shameful record of failure

  1. No surprises there then. She is a Tory after all and still, by far, the best of a bad bunch.
    Good to see a well written article on this site, free of histrionics.

  2. Overtaken by events?

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