Super talented Boris. Down. But never out

Knifed by Michael Gove, the feeling expressed in yet another non-stop, utterly vicious Remain smear campaign is that this is somehow Boris Johnson’s fault.  His dignified acceptance of the reality – that Gove has, momentarily at least, destroyed his support in the party, is being presented as a failure on his part, as is his fight for Brexit.borisgove5Don’t his critics see the bigger picture?  There are calls for referenda all over Europe, as many as 34, including some smaller states.  Angela Merkel, reports the Express, needs a free trade deal with Britain. The desire for freedom has been well and truly ignited. Far from bringing his country to its knees, as the Tory Grandees enjoying EU kickbacks are making out,  Boris can be proud of a momentous achievement.

Boris ran a faultless Leave campaign, charging all over the country, and beating insuperable obstacles. The bias of the tv media, the smears and abuse of Remain, the rules broken by Number 10. He was outstanding in the debates, dignified under fire and passionate in his call for the return of democracy, sovereignty and British law.

One of Boris’s most outstanding gifts is he has the vision others lack. This caused huge jealousy.  He saw that the people were becoming more and more discontented with being ignored years ago and told our leaders they would ignore this situation at their peril.   Brussels must hand power back to the Peasants’ Revolt he was writing in 2014.

Cameron’s refusal to seriously campaign for EU reform finished him. Instead of accepting that he and they had misread the public, and made major mistakes, Remain determined to “get Boris” and destroy him for their own failures.  It was Remain who crashed the markets and unsettled the pound. Probably it was Remain behind the racist attacks.

The Telegraph reported “The Chancellor had dinner with Mr Gove almost every week during the referendum campaign, despite them being on opposite sides, and invited him to his official country residence, Dorneywood, the weekend after he declared that he would be supporting the Leave campaign.”

When Osbo was in  trouble over the economy, it was Boris who told him how to fix it.  Boris’s enterprise in boosting the London economy and turning London into the number one city in the world was noted by our thick, unimaginative, pedestrian, but Machiavellian Chancellor.

Boris has never  been a plotter, manipulator or a backstabber, the only qualities at which Osbo excels. He is a truly creative thinker, who  has never wasted time in slagging off other colleagues.

In Boris’s resignation speech, he said “It is time to think globally again, to lift our eyes to the horizon, to bring our uniquely British voice and values, powerful, humane, progressive, to the great global forums without being elbowed aside by a supranational body.   The agenda for the next PM would be to ‘seize this chance and make this our moment to stand tall in the world.’

That vision has now been hijacked by Gove and George Osborne. Theresa May, like Osborne, is devoid of imagination, vision or creativity.  The cowardly Home Secretary is a pencil neck, who sat on her backside on both sides of the fence during the Referendum, but is now preparing to reap the rewards.    As Peter Oborne explains, her most outstanding quality is the way she always  puts politics before principles. 

Expect her to reward Osbo if she wins.

Almost single handedly, Boris has changed the face of Europe, ably backed by Andrea Leadsom and Gisela Stuart.  Geniuses may be down at times, but they are never out. Boris is the best campaigner in politics, outstanding at winning votes, like no other politician. Where other politicians are  tolerated, even despised, he is loved and trusted.

Imposible to imagine May or Gove winning a general election, but maybe their supporters haven’t thought that far.  Labour will fancy their chances.

I’m sure that Boris’s major concern now is that the decision of the  people re. the EU Referedum is protected and not endangered by Remain interference.

But there is a special place in hell reserved for men like Michael Gove and George Osborne, and don’t let’s forget Peter Mandelson and Tony Blair.   Let’s hope the devils are heating up the coals.

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