Why Boris Johnson would be an outstanding Prime Minister

If the Tories want somone as the next leader who can unite the party, they could not do better than Boris Johnson. One of Boris’s most outstanding achievements was the way he united London after the divisiveness of Red Ken. Boris believes London is built on the strength of its communities.boriscricket8Andrew Gimson described Boris as “the comeback kid who dared to say Boo to Brussels.”   In the Sun, Mr. Gimson gave the following reasons why Boris would be a great PM.

COMMUNICATOR: No other British politician can so transform the atmosphere in a street or shopping centre.  He is great on TV. He is an outstanding writer and an original and witty speaker.

GRAFTER: He works extremely hard, and is a multi-tasker.

COURAGEOUS AND MOTIVATED.  Gimson wrote: “He was not born to a life of ease and comfort, but to wage a ceaseless struggle for supremacy.  No Prussian militarist with a bankrupt estate in the barren depths of Brandenburg could be more single minded than Boris in pursuit of a knockout victory.”   Boris. The Rise of Boris Johnson by Andrew Gimson. If Boris believes he is right, he will unhesitatingly fight for his belief.  No fence sitting for him!

FLEXIBLE.   If given a convincing argument, Boris is prepared to change his mind.  Issues are not frozen in time. he shapes his views taking into account changes wrought by time.

ENLIGHTENED.  Boris is tolerant and liberal.

To the above, I would like to add two points of my own.

ENTERPRISING.  Boris is not the sort of person who, in a difficult situation, slags off whose fault it is or sits around bemoaning his fate.   He will immediately turn disaster into opportunity. An example of this – London was in dire need when Boris became Mayor, and often money was in short supply. When London needed, Boris went out and got!  He raised over £500M in funding from the City where he is deeply trusted.  He also went on trade missions, so successfully, investment poured into London literally in billions.

OUTSTANDING LISTENER.  Unusually for most politicians, Boris is a great listener, and he will give the same careful attention to the speaker, whether low or high.  He has deeply listened to the people of this country, which is why he understood, as most did not, what the EU Ref was really about. Even more unusually, if he believes the speaker is right, he will take action.

Nobody’s perfect.  Like all of us, he has his flaws.  But Boris’s qualities are so exceptional,  I have always believed he will be an outstanding Prime Minister.

2 responses to “Why Boris Johnson would be an outstanding Prime Minister

  1. Darren M. Babb

    Strong arm of the party elite won’t allow it to happen I’m afraid.

  2. YAY! Go Boris, you have won every election you took part in, won London twice, then won EU ref. against the odds. It’s in the bag!

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