Leavers! Listen up! Planet Fear play dirty to get second Ref!

Say what you like about Alastair Campbell, he’s got some freaking nerve, and I’ll give him that.    Blair, Major, Mandelson, Cam, Ali C and Osbo are pissed! They lost, but Alastair is throwing everything he has  to win this in one last desperate throw of the dice. alastaircampbellThe people won the EU Referendum and it’s safe to say the establishment are doing their nuts.   Because in spite of Planet Fear, lies, smears, bullying and bribery,  the stubbon British people voted LEAVE and gave the elite a huge smack in the kisser.

So it’s time for another monster scam!  A vicious assault on the markets by Remain, backed up by the TV channels, did actually make the markets fall and hurt the pound. That justified Planet Fear.   A respected market analyst said ‘We are seeing the results of the apocalyptic hysteria whipped up by the Establishment. “johnmajor3

A second prong of the attack was to launch a series of racial attacks, guaranteed to smear the Leave campaign as racists.  The TV channels leapt on this with glee, and lefty big mouths like Polly Toynbee and Harriet Harman piously dumped the blame on Boris Johnson and Gove.

I know this is them. I know how they think.  And I’m begging you from the bottom of my heart, don’t let them get away with this again!

Don’t let them do it us!   We slipped their leash, and they want us back under.  This is what they meant when they said they would “Get Boris!”  This is the start of it. They are flooding twitter with smear campaigns.  Don’t fall for it!  We did what was right!  We got democracy back, we will get British Law back.  Hang on, keep fighting!

Don’t let these vile, evil people slap on the manacles and in their selfishness, as they have so many times before,  treat us as their punchbags and their doormats one more time!

3 responses to “Leavers! Listen up! Planet Fear play dirty to get second Ref!

  1. Experts, MP’s, MEP’s, PM’s, Financial Wizards, Political Pundits, Investment Banks, Big Corporations, Businessmen, Neo Liberal Media, Hipster’s, World Leader’s, The President of The United States of America & More all warned that we are heading for Armageddon.

    In the face of ALL that, the ignorant little people stood up against an unfair, unelected, job destroying elite and said enough is enough.

    The ‘Establishment’ has been put on its arse.

    So now instead of accepting defeat they are trying to destroy the confidence of The UK and her people by spreading media based lies of racially motivated altercations and the coming winter of financial doom.

    These people cannot accept NOT getting their way. So I fear project whinge shall continue…

    • As soon as Boris is PM, he needs to invoke ARticle 50. That punch in the mouth will silence Blairites.

  2. Quite!

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