Some Churchill! David Cameron has caved in to the EU

Frankly I couldn’t bear to to watch David Cameron this evening on BBC Question Time,  speaking to the BBC audience because I knew how angry I would get.  The bits I did hear were bad enough.junckerdemocracyThe PM compared  his battle to keep Britain in the European Union to Sir Winston Churchill’s fight against Hitler as he admitted he has to do more if he is to win the referendum. I fail to see the analogy.

Who is the PM actually fighting? Certainly not the EU, is it?  He is fighting the British people, who are desperate for the return of democracy and their rights and who are worried sick that immigration, beneficial though it may be, has got totally out of hand. They are sick of EU Law being superior to British Law, do not want open borders and want control of their own affairs.

The PM is certainly not fighting for EU reform. That turns out to have been a sham, because apparently he was simultaneously colluding with SERCO through Rupert Soames to get fat cats to warn us off the Leave campaign.

What is the meaning of his continually repeated phrase, the British are not quitters, and we can only change things from within?  The EU doesn’t want change.  Juncker wants a superstate,  certainly not reform and Cameron doesn’t want reform either.  When he negotiated for it, he clearly wasn’t serious.

The PM calls us “a proud, important country”, but really he thinks so little of Britain, he is happy to deprive us of our democratic rights, in exchange for rule by an unelected group of eurocrats, who threaten, mock and despise us.

2 responses to “Some Churchill! David Cameron has caved in to the EU

  1. Darren M. Babb

    Mr Cameron’s remain campaign is a pertinent reminder of how odious and contemptible the British political elite can be at their very worst.
    The Remain campaign led By David Cameron has thus far been filled with scatological, unprincipled diatribe designed to alienate and mislead the public he serves from the real facts of the matter to benefit his own agenda which both disturbs and disgusts me far too much to publicly speculate upon.
    By daring to align his predicament with that of Sir Winston and his arch nemesis Adolf Hitler without even a jot of semblance or relevance, Mr Cameron continues to reveal his ignorance and injudiciousness and furthermore he continues to betray the Great British people who have given him their trust and voted for him a Prime Minister.
    That, in my own opinion, is a most heinous act of treachery against our country and should never ever be forgiven or forgotten.

    • David Cameron’s behaviour is an act of treachery against this country. His audacity in comparing himself to Winston Churchill is only rivalled by his cheek in pretending he achieved EU Reform.

      He is despicable. Words fail me.

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