Sir John Major gets £25K a pop FROM EU every time he speaks out on the EU!

So enthusiastic is Sir John Major in promoting the EU, he has virulently attacked both the poor for being worried about the EU and also Boris Johnson for criticising the EU. and supporting LEAVE.   Oddly enough, Major has never mentioned the stonking payments from the EU he is pocketing for his views.johnmajor3According to the Evening Standard, Major has become a prolific after dinner speaker.   He earns over £25,000 per engagement for his “insights and his own opinions on the expanding European Union, the future of the world in the 21st century, and also about Britain”, according to his agency.

In the Sun today, more proof that the EU benefits the wealthy, but hurts the poorest.  The working classes end up 33% worse off.  68% of the poor say they are unhappy with Cameron’s performance as PM. ITV ArchiveYouGov research came up with the same result. Intensive YouGov polling showed that banks, financial institutions, fat cats and Remain politicians benefit most from the EU.  In fact, politicians like John Major who have spoken out strongly in favour of the EU are known to  trouser £25K payments for their views. EUbenefits

The effect on the poor is something that troubles John Major not a jot.  No wonder he is such a prolific and virulent attack dog in defence of the EU.  Nice work if you can get it it.  Eh?

John Major has stooped lower than any other PM says Peter Oborne.

Since writing this article, several of the links were removed from the inenet.

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