Majestic Boris Johnson clobbers Remain in polls after attacks

Dignified Boris Johnson shrugged off a catty three pronged attack from a virulent Remain team in the ITV debate  to ace the polls last night.  He was ably backed up by two calm and intelligent performances from Andrea Leadsom and Gisela Stuart, in what could have been a sleazy, demeaning affair.borisdebate2Boris Johnson showed David Cameron how a Prime Minister  should behave by refusing to respond to  personal slurs in favour of a passionate argument for Brexit.

The Mirror shows he performed outstandingly well,  and comments on twitter showed how much they disliked  the tactics of Remain.

Boris Johnson  38%

Nicoa Sturgeon 14%

Gisela Stuart     14%

Amber Rudd      13%

Andrea Leadsom 12%

Angela Eagle        7%angelaeagleThe poll for the Daily Telegraph gave the win to Leave, by 70% to 19% for Remain.  A rave review from Tim Stanley is here.

A Sun poll says nasty behaviour of David Cameron makes twice as many people want to vote Leave.

Snap verdict of Guardian.  Leave were better informed.

OH DEAR @angelaeagle storms off after debate saying “that was a Fucking Disaster” #ITVEURef #VoteLeave @StrongerIn

Today in the Daily Mail, Quentin Letts says charming, gentlemanly Boris Johnson gamble taking on three women paid off.

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