Did Cameron set Major on Bojo for telling us the truth about the eurozone?

Today Boris Johnson,  in an exclusive interview with the Sun.  warned us that the PM cannot protect us from the dangers of the eurozone. camlies5Boris said the PM’s promises to protect us from the dangers of the eurozone are not  worth the paper they are written on.  The country would be dangerously and permanently exposed. The public cannot trust the Government or the EU promises that we will not be responsible for bailouts, given the history, said Boris.

Boris predicts “a vicious cycle” of bailouts and waves of desperate migrants heading to Britain for work. Problems will only get worse when countries signed up to join the EU , Turkey, Albania, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia,  become full members.  The PM is insisting turkey won’t be joining “any time soon.” Gov. assurances are empty with the European Commission stepping up plans by expediting visa free travel to the border with Syria and Iraq.

Boris said:  This is dangerous.   The Government claim we have a veto is meaningless if the commission is simultaneously trying to expedite this process.borisgove2Boris has sent a letter to the PM,  co-signed by Michael Gove and Gisela Stuart asking him to admit voting to stay is not risk free. Gove and Gisela back Boris 100% on this.

Boris warned that the EU has charged the UK another £2.4 billion,  but Cameron is holding this bill back until after the Referendum.

The Daily Express reveals:  Cameron blasted as secret 2 billion EU bill revealed. 

nb. I can’t link to Sun, link corrupted, it is in today’s edition.

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