Why did Faisal Islam let Cameron off the really tough questions?

Faisal Islam was tougher than expected on David Cameron in the EU Referendum interview yesterday evening, but he still let Cameron off the most difficult issues.camfaisalWhy did Islam not question Cameron on the leaked Serco letter, and ask him why the Civil Service were refusing to reveal the correspondence relating to it?  The accusation is that Cameron allegedly lied to MPs,  a resigning offence if proven.  The Rupert Soames/Serco deal was described as “a stinking scandal” by Charles Moore.

Secondly, the Remain side is repeatedly avoiding the issue of what will Remain look like when millions of immigrants have entered the UK and we are financially drained by the Eurozone crisis.  Stock markets are nosediving in the Eurozone.  Remain always immediately  reply that Brexit cannot predict the future and attack Leave.  That’s not the question.  Cameron continually claims he has won the economic argument when the truth is, he avoids the fact that the future under Remain looks far more dicey that if we choose Leave.

Why was Cameron not tackled on the disgusting smear campaigns launched by Remain? Cameron pretends he avoids debating Gove or Boris because he doesn’t want blue on blue action.  But he has no problem getting a team of Tory grandees to viciously attack Boris Johnson.  Hezza, John Mayor, Dominic Green,  Chris Patten and the vicious Ken Clarke have repeatedly attacked Boris Johnson in the nastiest of terms.

The criticism was also not tough enough on the crazy claims made by Project Fear, for example, George Osborne has lied that we will lose all our trade deals.  EU lawyers say that is totally untrue.

For once Faisal Islam was not totally partisan to Remain and showed some fireand Cameron appeared nervous and shifty when  the audience had their say.    But closer examination shows the really tough questions were carefully avoided by the SKY political editor.

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