The immigration figures Cam gave Faisal Islam are wrong

Yesterday on SKY News, Faisal Islam asked the PM: “…..what is the net number of EU migrants that have arrived in this country since you became Prime Minister six years ago?” (see transcript of interview here.)immigrants4Cameron replied:  ” I think the net number is about 600,000 people have left this country to go and work  or live in other European Union countries and about 1.2 million have come to live or to work  here, so big numbers moving in each direction.”

Last week the Daily Telegraph reported: “The net migration figures have dominated today’s political debate, as the Office for National Statistics revealed that 318,000 more people arrived than left the country last year.

According to the ONS’s latest figures, 641,000 immigrants came to Britain in 2014, up from 526,000 in 2013. Meanwhile, an estimated 323,000 people emigrated during last year. I’ve looked into the figures to find out how many people have been leaving Britain each year, who are they and why they are upping sticks.”

From the transcript of the SKY interview,  Faisal asked the PM the immigration figures over a six year period, but Cameron gave the figures for only one year.  Maybe  this was a genuine misunderstanding.  Because the alternative is that they were both misleading the British public.

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