Cameron’s continual attacks on Boris Johnson show how very much he fears him

In an article today in the Daily Mail,  Dominic Lawson says:  “But while claiming he won’t engage in open conflict with his own colleagues, Cameron has been traducing them in his own way.borisEU15Last week he accused those supporting Brexit of being ‘immoral’. Number 10 solicited interventions from the former Conservative deputy prime minister Michael Heseltine, who obligingly described Boris Johnson as ‘preposterous’, ‘obscene’ and ‘irresponsible’, and from the former party chairman Chris Patten, who said Johnson was unable to tell ‘the difference between fact and fiction’.”

In fact, Hezza,  Chris Patten, John Major and a venomous Ken Clarke have all launched more than one vicious attack on Boris, undoubtedly at the behest of cowardly Cam.  Meanwhile, the PM piously declares he will not debate Boris or Gove because he wishes to avoid “blue on blue” attacks.

Cameron has only himself to blame for this unholy mess.  From trying to sell his pitiful attempts at EU negotiation as major reforms to suggesting that Brexit could lead to no trade deals and World War 3 (he has since reneged) he has treated the voters like fools.

And his continual remarks on whether Boris will be PM, and  attempts to destabilise him through nasty attacks from senior Tories only let us know how very much he fears him.

4 responses to “Cameron’s continual attacks on Boris Johnson show how very much he fears him

  1. Its not about Boris and him its a leave Europe we are already IN? so we have to vote leave for a change? then we will see but the population now is to large for the finances it took me 3 weeks to see a doctor then she never had time? No homes to live in? so very high rents? money people again not the ordinary man like me

    • Of course it is not about Boris, but the Referendum should be run fairly. It is unsporting to keep attacking somebody because they do not think the same way as you, and even worse to be cowardly and get others to do it for you. Cameron is damaging the Tory party by his behaviour.

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