Stronger together? No, dragged down by the eurozone crisis

How come if the EU is such a safe haven are so many countries in the eurozone in trouble?  Greece is bust, Italy is on the skids and the Spanish banks are in freefall. This doesn’t fit Cameron’s description of the EU as a source of prosperity. immigrantsgermanyThe reason is there is a crisis in the eurozone (that is, all the countries who have the euro.)  If these problems increase,  as they are doing, we will become responsible for a higher and higher share of the EU budget.  There will also be mass unemployment in the eurozone.

Open borders will mean wages hit rock bottom, as immigrants flood our country,  willing to work for peanuts.  The pressure on housing and public services will be immense.

EU Law is stronger now that British Law.  Cameron’s promise in February of this year that our sovereignty would be protected was wrong.  The EU wants to create a database of the taxation paid by every person in the EU.

That indicates they mean to raise taxation.

Boris Johnson, Michael Gove,  Ian Duncan Smith and Liam Fox are all agreed that the EU is desperate for us to prop up the euro. A safe haven.  Stronger together.  Safer with Remain.   Are you kidding us?

The facts are staring us in the face.  The EU is in deep trouble, it is a money pit.  Lean on the EU and we all fall over.

31st May 2016.  It’s happening!  Rolling strikes in France are threatening the French economy,  and will badly affect the rest of the EU, what did I tell you?

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