How cheating Remain tried to rig the Referendum

It is an outright lie that both sides have made false claims in the EU Referendum. The PM has gone all out to rig the Referendum with the assistance of George Osborne, in every way he possibly can and the facts bear this out.boriscamgoveAppalling dishonesty has been practised by the Prime Minister and George Osborne in their desperate attempt to make sure we stay in the EU , lose democracy and become a superstate.  Remain has:

  1. broken the rules re. funding.  They also spent over 9 million of public funds on a Remain leaflet. which caused uproar.
  2. corrupted the function of the Civil Service so the Service can  assist the case of Remain.
  3. organised disgraceful smear campaigns, most prominently to take out Boris Johnson.  When he made the valid historical point that changing a democratic system to a dictatorship leads to disaster, he was accused of saying the EU was like Hitler. Historians lined up to agree with him.  There were also outright lies told about Lynton  Crosby and Zasc Goldsmith.  Zac is for Leave.  It clearly suited the Government better to have a Remain Mayor in City Hall,  so poor Zac was ripped to pieces most unfairly by Remain Tories.
  4. every TV channel is biased to Remain (they all receive funding from the EU and a lucrative EU iPlayer deal is in the offing.
  5.  Planet Fear.  This included  a) fake Treasury reports. b)statements from the Bank of England, IFS and Mark Carney which were only opinion, but presented as fact and c) hysterical statements from the PM that Brexit would start WW3.
  6. A leaked letter  showed that David Cameron colluded with Serco and Rupert Soames to get 50 fat cats to slag off Leave while he was still campaigning for EU reform. So far, the Civil Service has covered Cameron’s back by refusing to release any more correspondence.  If proven, this would be cause for resignation.
  7. The PM said in Parliament, the verdict of the people would be final and he would sign    Article 50 on 25th June if Remain lost. This was recorded in Hansard.But the   documentation recorded that the Referendum was only advisory, a lie.

The only crime of the Leave campaign is there is dispute about the figure of £350 million a week sent to the EU.  Whatever the truth of this, and it seems that we send £50 million a day, this hardly equals the gross dishonesty of Remain. UPDATE. Office of nat. stats has endorsed the figure of £350M, except it is higher,  £376M a week

In view of the enormous obstacles laid in the path of the Leave campaign, particularly the biased media, Leave politicians have been nothing short of heroic in the way they are getting their point across.  These men have risked their careers to fight for the rights of ordinary people.    They have restored public faith in British politics.  The Leave win will be well deserved.

NB. The underhand strategy of Juncker from his own lips.

Update:  One of the worst Remain lies was that Brexit was fuelled by racism.  Three ex-Tory ministers, including Anna Soubry,  admitted they lied about this and apologised today.   (29/8/16)  Too little too late!

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