Boris slaughters George Osborne in new Times/YouGov poll

borisggeorgeA stunning new YouGov poll for the Times has tremendous results for Boris Johnson and the Leave campaign.  In the poll, Boris and Osbo go head to head comparing key attributes.

borisosbopollWhen the points are added up, Boris beats George by a phenomenal 251 points to 44 points!   Another recent poll on whether George is a natural leader was so embarrassngly low, it is hard to see that he can recover.  George scored only 2 points.

EUpollTimesFabulous news for Leave!  The Remain 4 point lead is wiped out, the two sides once again level pegging.

And again Boris Johnson is the most trusted politician in the country, ahead of Corbyn by 3 points.  Ian Duncan Smith rightly does well on 25%,  Nigel Farage also does well.  I do not understand why Michael Gove is at the bottom, he is so quick witted and such a good speaker.

Wonderful news for Leave and Boris deserves these great results.

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