Cameron body blow! Insider Steve Hilton argues We HAVE to quit the EU!

Cameron’s guru and best mate Steve Hilton dealt him a knockout punch today by saying the UK is ruled by a “club corruptly captured by a self serving elite”.  Hilton witheringly dismissed Project Fear,  and rubbished claims by the IMF and the Bank of England that we are “stronger together” and “safer within”camhiltonHilton also ripped into the PM’s pathetic attempt at EU reform, revealing that Cam’s pitiful requests were “contemptuously swatted aside”.  If Remain wins, says Steve, the EU will kick the sh…. out  of us.

He says that now less than a third of the Government’s work load is spent on its own promises and policies.  The PM’s loss of power to Whitehall is “horrific” says Hilton.

Embarrassingly, Hilton trashed the  PM’s  comment that the EU rather than NATO protects us from terrorists and rogue states.

Steve Hilton was at the heart of government for years and his comments cannot be dismissed as Brexit twaddle.stevehilton

Steve says:  “I am pro-market, pro-enterprise, pro-trade, pro-putting power in people’s hands.  The EU does the opposite. It is anti-market, stifling innovation and competition with its statism, corporatism and bureaucracy.

It is anti-enterprise, acting in the interests of the big businesses that have corruptly captured the levers of power in Brussels through their shameless lobbying and insider deal-making, enabling a gradual corporate takeover of our country.”

He continues:  “The European Union is anti-trade, locking developing countries out of world markets with its evil Common Agricultural Policy that feather-beds French farmers while keeping African farmers trapped in poverty — and despair.

And I don’t think even the EU’s most fervent supporters would ever claim that it ‘puts power in people’s hands’. The whole point of the EU is to take power out of people’s hands in pursuit of a greater good. The trouble is, it’s not good enough.”

His years as a government inside make this a devastating intervention that cannot be dismissed or ignored by David Cameron.  This searingly honest analysis  puts the scaremongering  and lies of Remain to shame.  Steve Hilton says:”I believe it is about taking back power from arrogant, unaccountable, hubristic elites and putting it back where it belongs – in the peoples’ hands.”

We simply have to leave! Read the rest of this explosive take down of the Remain argument here.

3 responses to “Cameron body blow! Insider Steve Hilton argues We HAVE to quit the EU!

  1. William Henwood

    His point of view shared by many that the EU will mash us if we remain is totally on target. Revenge will be sweet Cameron will have his face rubbed in the dirt.
    The EU has never forgiven us for rescuing Europe from its own follies

    • Very significant that TV channels have not featured this at all, if he had come out for REMAIN SKY would be running it on the half hour every half hour!

      Bitter Hezza wheeled on at every opportunity, but Hilton comments vital to the debate.

    • Tide turning towards Leave. Bravest campaign ever,considering all the obstacles corrupt Cameron has thrown in the faces of Leave.

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