Cam’s dealings with Rupert Soames and SERCO are described as “a stinking scandal”

The serious charge that he  was plotting with the boss of  multinational SERCO, Rupert Soames and other fat cats about how to make the case for the UK remaining in the EU before he had even concluded his renegotiation deal, is hanging over the head of David Cameron camangry2A leaked letter detailing the secret plan is alleged to have been sent to No 10 11 days before Cameron finished his EU renegotiation deal. And Cameron was telling MPs completely different story.

Both Jacob Rees Mogg and Boris Johnson have tackled the PM without success forcefully asking for an explanation.  The suspicion is that the PM’s army of officials had been secretly and vigorously lobbying business bosses to sign up to a propaganda pamphlet drafted by Downing Street adviser Chris Hopkins, before the EU negotiations were concluded.

However, bureaucrats are flatly refusing to release all correspondence between the PM and business fat cats at that time, prompting the charge of a major coverup.

Jacob Rees Mogg said if the allegations are true, the PM should resign immediately

David Cameron promised us a free and fair EU Referendum.  Instead, the public has been served a stinking snake pit of lies, distortions, scare stories, biased tv media, and vicious smear campaigns aimed at any Brexiteer strong enough to tell the truth.

The PM and his supporters are determined to railroad us into the EU by any devious subterfuges at their disposal, using methods that are nothing to do with the British democracy they are trying so hard to get rid of.

In today’s Telegraph, Charles Moore said “I wouldn’t argue there is a stinking scandal here”.

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