EU is desperate to silence Boris Johnson over his warning of an EU superstate

On twitter, many people don’t read Boris’ articles or interviews, so they jump to the wrong conclusion merely because they hear the word “Hitler”.  However, we expect better from SKY News.Napoleon3Boris Johnson gave an important interview saying that Napoleon and Hitler had dominated countries in Europe  through military dictatorships. In Hitler’s case, as with the EU, democratic systems had been overthrown.    History showed how dangerous this was. He said “The EU wants a superstate, just as Hitler did”.  This is demonstrably true.  Jean Claude Juncker has said there is no room for democracy in the EU.

Remain supporters, including SKY News, a channel blatantly biased to Remain, immediately stitched Boris up accusing him of scaremongering through a smear campaign on twitter. SKY was so desperate to negate Boris’s valid point, they accused him of having “no moral compass”on the hour, every hour. (SKY has a lucrative iPlayer deal with the EU in the offing, as well as payments from the EU to protect.)

But many historians have backed Boris’s stance. For example, Dr. Julian Lewis said this in 2015. . “The danger to the peace of Europe is if you change our system of sovereign democratic states to an undemocratic system”.

“And indeed I do fear for the peace and stability of Europe. Because if ever they do manage to create this Superstate, I don’t believe they will be able to create it with the consent of the people concerned and I believe that it will necessarily be an undemocratic entity. And the moment you have undemocratic entities you have a danger of conflict.”

The European Union is a threat to peace, wrote Dr. Lewis.

Boris Johnson is a Kings Scholar, and the point that he is making is vital to the peace and security of Europe.  This morning Yasmina Siadatan, a guest on SKY News,  dismissed Boris’s point as a scare story, uncorrected by the other guests or Eamon Holmes.  She said he is “harming the Leave campaign.”

On the contrary, Boris is making a valuable point. If the EU had stuck to the original trade agreement,  no problem.  But Brussels had to start tinkering with our political system.  Why was it necessary to destroy our democracy? Why was it necessary to subvert British Law?

Louis XlV’s foreign policy was expansionist, he invaded other countries, aiming to form an EU superstate.  He said “L’Etat?  C’est moi!”  It only led to war and huge suffering.

Charlemagne also had an expansionist policy,  and he created a huge empire.  However, after his death, there was no-one to replace him with his vision, and his Empire fell apart.

Napoleon too wanted a European superstate,  a policy that depleted France and led to millions of deaths. More than 500,000 French soldiers died in the Russian campaign.

In 2001, the Daily Telegraph said “A European army and political union were planned by the Nazis”.  This is the same aim as the EU.

In 2009, a secret report revealed that the Nazis were planning a Fourth Reich.  The EU. 

Dr. Julian Lewis has even written that he so fears the dictatorship of an EU superstate, he has concerns it could  lead to war.

Historian Andrew Roberts says David Cameron’s historical allusions are complete rubbish, then makes an argument identical to Boris Johnson

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