SamCam’s father raking in millions from EU scheme for poor farmers

Surprise!  SamCam’s father is making millions from the EU.  Today the Express reported “David Cameron’s aristocrat father-in-law is raking in millions of pounds in taxpayer-funded EU farming subsidies, an investigation by the Express can reveal.samcamdadSir Reginald Adrian Berkeley Sheffield, 8th Baronet, receives eye-watering sums of money from Brussels to help fund the upkeep of his sprawling Lincolnshire estate.

The aristocrat, who is the father of Samantha Cameron, is just one of a number of wealthy landowners who get huge pots of cash paid out by the EU’s controversial Common Agricultural Policy (CAP).
Today an investigation by this website exposes how the 58 billion Euro (£46BN) scheme, which was set up to help impoverished farmers, is now being exploited by Britain’s landed elite to bankroll their huge inherited estates.
Amazingly the taxpayer-funded programme is handing over hundreds of millions of pounds of our cash to rich aristocrats, fox hunting associations and local councils.
The revelation Sir Reginald is such a large recipient will prove hugely embarrassing for Mr Cameron, who has been accused of burying a huge “conflict of interest” over his leadership role in the campaign to keep Britain in the EU.
It backs up the assertion put forward in a speech by Iain Duncan Smith this week that Brussels project has become a “force for social injustice” that only benefits the rich.
Recently there was outrage at the news that in tough times, Samantha Cameron drew £53K from the public purse to pay a model for fashion tips.  The so called “caring” image of the PM’s wife, when she posed with underprivileged chidren is now greeted with hollow laughter.

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