Ruined Osbo is now cheating full time to rig the EU Ref

In the Daily Mail today,  Peter  Oborne is scathing on how scheming Osbo is now devoting all his energies to rigging the EU referendum.  Osbo has made such a mess of the economy, most Chancellors would have got the push months ago. Instead he has been given a free hand to employ every, cheap, low, sneaky trick in the book to force the Remain argument down the throats of the reluctant British public. georgedowncastOborne says:  “In a gross abuse of public office, the Chancellor is channelling the resources of the supposedly neutral government machine into a partisan campaign to keep Britain inside the EU.

One example is the notorious pro-EU pamphlet — produced at a cost of at least £9 million to the taxpayer — sent to every household in Britain a few weeks ago.

Teams of publicly funded civil servants are being moved from normal duties to get involved in the supply and distribution of pro-Brussels ‘Project Fear’ propaganda.”

Manipulative Osbo has also leant on Mark Carney to spout exaggerated scare stories.  “Having railroaded through the appointment of Mark Carney (a politically ambitious Canadian) as Governor, the Chancellor has encouraged this puppet in Threadneedle Street to spout pro-Brussels propaganda.

On Thursday, Carney did Osborne a blatant political favour by claiming that Brexit would cause Britain to sink into recession”.

Osbo has also corrupted the supposedly independent media.

“Outrageously, heavy and persistent pressure has also been brought to bear on the broadcast media, culminating in ITV’s disturbing cave-in to Government bully-boys.

The supposedly independent broadcaster has disgracefully allowed Downing Street to dictate which representative of the Leave lobby goes head-to-head with David Cameron in a TV debate on the EU referendum. Wary of having to confront — and being outshone by — Boris Johnson or Michael Gove, the PM only agreed to appear on the programme with Ukip leader Nigel Farage — a man he feels he can out-argue and who is not universally liked by all sections of the Brexit campaign.

The decision about who should appear in a TV encounter with the Prime Minister should have been made by Vote Leave, the officially designated voice of the anti-EU campaign. It should not have been made under influence from No 10″.

George knows he has fouled up, and is loathed by the public, so this really is the last throw of the dice for him. Blow this and he is dead and buried, so aided by Peter Mandelson, there are no depths he will not sink to, to save his skin.

For further details of  the devious, sneaky, manipulative actions of George Osborne, aimed at crushing us into submission, click here.

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