Selfish John Major tells the poor don’t talk about your worries on immigration

Sir John Major’s latest speech on immigration is so callous . Smug,  and unfeeling are the words that come to mind.   He is appallingly out of touch now and he has no idea how very much the less well off are frightened and worried about the threat of mass immigration. Lack of housing, the pressure on jobs and social services are major concerns.johnmajor2After all, however, many immigrants came to Britain, they would hardly disturb the PM, Osbo, the Blairites or Sir John.  It is the poorest, already struggling to find jobs, homes, security, a better life, who would be most inconvenienced.  And what happened in Germany is hardly reassuring.  Waves of sex attacks, assaults, robberies, these threats are terrifying.  Uncontrolled immigration is also a terror threat,  but we are not allowed to  talk about these things, because we are “dividing society”?

Thank God we have politicians like Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and the rest of the Leave politicians, who are concerned about these things.

This callous disregard for the feelings and welfare of ordinary people is typical of the Remain campaign.  It is clear that the government is lying to us about the amount of immigration we have already absorbed.  It is asking too much to expect anyone whose life might be greatly affected, probably radically altered,  by a huge influx of immigrants not to even mention their fears. Europe is ripped by rapes, assaults and robberies, all ignored by the EU.

I am in favour of controlled immigration, as is Boris Johnson, but that ship has sailed.  Should Remain win, we will not have an iota of control, whatever we are told.  The truth is Sir John and Remain are desperate to shut us up about immigration.  Ordinary people, are rightly, deeply concerned.

Sir  John should be deeply ashamed of his lack of sensitivity to the feelings of ordinary people in this country. It is appalling that the Remain movement makes no apology for robbing us of democracy  which politically is all  we have. And he should ponder this.  It is not ordinary people who are causing  a division in our society.  It is the heartless, unimaginative, utterly selfish elite, who endlessly pressure the poorest and rip everything from us, who are doing that.

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