Sadiq Khan’s team had the same aim as No.10 – to throw Zac Goldsmith under the bus

Amongst my Muslim friends, one member of the local community told me an interesting story today.  He knows many eminent Muslims. Apparently, the word is  that No. 10 worked with the Blairites to scapegoat Zac Goldsmith.  They never wanted him as Mayor from the start. boriszaccam The Muslim CEO talking to my friend said: “I know Zac very well and he is absolutely not as he is being portrayed. He was suckered by No.10, who led him to think Sadiq Khan did have extremist links.  He is absolutely not a racist.  I feel terrible for Zac”.

Sadiq Khan heightened that impression by consistently refusing to answer questions.  Labour then targeted Zac as a racist, for insisting Sadiq abide by the rules of the Mayoralty contest.(Boris Johnson’s face is a study).

We were therefore treated to the elevating sight of the PM draping his arm round Zac’s shoulders, just before he did his best to end his political career.

It didn’t help that Remain Tories were out in force, blaming Zac for race hate and trying to dump the blame for the Tories again being the Nasty Party, on Zac!  (Like that will work – eh Osbo?).  Steve  Hilton, Baroness Warsi, Anna Soubry, ex Mayoral candidate Andrew Boff and Ken Clarke all lined up to “denounce” Zac.  They should have been on twitter during the campaign.

On twitter, Labour was conducting a well drilled, vicious Ali C style smear campaign, denouncing Lynton Crosby as the architect of the smears (Lynton wasn’t involved in any way with Zac’s campaign) and tarring Boris Johnson and Zac Goldsmith, wthout evidence,  as racists.  Tweets on Goldsmith were tagged #nastyZac.

So Zac was caught in a pincer movement, for being a stickler for the rules. Perfectly reasonably, he said Khan lacked judgment. Quite rightly, he believed that Sadiq should face scrutiny, and not duck tough interviewers.  Sadiq’s provocative atittude was a total windup and as for answers, we still don’t know, do we. And in spite of every possible obstacle, Zac got nearly a million votes.

Flip flopper Sadiq has changed his vote over the Eu Ref from Leave to Remain.  Just a guess, but was this the price paid to Cameron for helping him win the Mayorally?

Historian Andrew Roberts who wrote a defence of Zac said:  “I predict that the day is not far off when many more than 994,000 people will wish they had voted for Zac Goldsmith”.

Couldn’t agree more.  He did what he did for justice.

4 responses to “Sadiq Khan’s team had the same aim as No.10 – to throw Zac Goldsmith under the bus

  1. Zac couldn’t be bought. He is too loyal, too independent thinking, and won’t sell out other people to get on.

    So he had to go. What price did Cameron make Khan pay in exchange for the Mayoralty? He had to vote Remain?

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