Cam calls other countries “fantastically corrupt” while trying to rig the EU Referendum

Psychologically, the Remain campaign has been a shambles.  The  interference of President Obama was deeply resented and the only result was an increase for Leave. Instead of learning from this, the PM continues leant on anyone he can find to force us to vote Remain.Britain's Queen Elizabeth speaks to Prime Minister David Cameron during a reception in Buckingham Palace in LondonInstead of changing strategy, clumsy Cam ramps up the pressure by asking Bill Clinton and Tony Blair to force their views down our throats.  Nothing is more likely to put peoples’s backs up.

Cam looks like he is losing it. His  bizarre claim that World War III and genocide will result if we don’t do as we are told put the lid on it.  (Boris Johnson reasonably pointed out Cam promised, if he didn’t achieve EU reform, he would lead the Leave campaign).

At a reception at  Buckingham Palace, an acutely uncomfortable PM dropped another clanger.  Overheard by a microphone,  he bragged  “there are some fantastically  corrupt countries attending the anti corruption summit”.  This is rich from someone who is trying to destroy  democracy in Britain,  and put a dictatorship in its place,  by doing their utmost to rig the EU Referendum.

Cameron himself is more corrupt than the worst African dictator, he is scheming to replace democracy with an unelected dictatorship.

Sensitivity and awareness are not Cameron’s strong points.  If the irony of his crashingly tactless, hypocritical comment was lost on him, from her expression, it certainly was not lost on our Queen.

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