EU payments and a lucrative iPlayer deal are the reason that SKY/BBC favour Remain

It is something of a mystery why broadcasters SKY and BBC seem so biased towards remaining in the EU.  Yesterday SKY’s Kay Burley interviewed two people giving their opinion on whether the BBC was biased to Remain.  When the man supporting the idea of bias made a good case, Kay became agitated and was practically shouting him down. Is it a coincidence that both the BBC and SKY stand to benefit hugely from an iPlayer deal with the EU?Faisal IslamBoth the BBC and SKY displayed such appalling bias towards Zac Goldsmith immediately after the London mayoral election, I reported them to Ofcom.  I mostly watched SKY.  Faisal Islam and other presenters accused Zac (who supports Leave) of running a dirty campaign,and compulsively focused on that all day as the main news story.  They repeated that he was  a racist and had run a dirty campaign non-stop, from Thursday to Sunday,  on Saturday over 24 times.  This is not true.

It was an outrage that Zac was never given a right of reply until Sunday, when Nadhim Zahawi gave his point of view.

SKY endlessly hammered home the point that several Tory MPs had denounced the Zac campaign.  Coincidentally, Steve Hilton is a pal of David Cameron, and Baroness Warsi and Ken Clarke are strong Remain supporters, as were all the Tories who attacked Zac. Noted historian Andrew Roberts also strongly defended the Zac campaign.

Earlier, SKY and the BBC made much of the fact that Boris Johnson had referred to Obama as “half-Kenyan”, implying this was a racist gaffe.  However, the evidence shows that in context, this was a harmless, and accurate remark. Faisal Islam also kept reporting that in his speech defending Brexit yesterday, Boris was a Putin apologist.  Again, the facts show this is wrong.

An article on the proposed EU iPlayer deal said this.  “The European Commission is planning to erode the ability of film, television and music rights holders to sell licences on a country-by-country basis and weaken some copyright protections. ”

Apparently, interfering as always, the EU is planning to change the copyright rules.  Details of the lucrative deal, greatly to SKY/BBC’s advantage are here.

The BBC has admitted taking more than £2 million in European Union funding over the past three years, in a move that critics said called into doubt the corporation’s impartiality over the forthcoming European referendum.

The Spectator reports on the millions in funding the BBC tried to hide. 

Tory Grandees such as Hezza, Mayor and Ken Clarke are raking it in, because every time they speak out supporting the EU, they get lavish kickbacks.

update: 1.1.17  Today the Sun printed that the BBC has been taking payments from the EU which might be a conflict of interest.

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