Sadiq Khan is a flip flopper, says Nadhim Zahawi, he will be found out

Loud cheers!  At last,  on SKY Murnaghan, Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi had the guts to tell the truth about Sadiq Khan. Mr. Zahawi said he thought it dreadfully wrong that we cannot call Sadiq out for bad behaviour, because he is a Muslim.   If we do, as I  know to my cost, we are called racists.nadhimzahawi2Murnaghan asked Mr. Zahawi if he thought Khan meant the things he said.  The reply was  “No he’s a flip flopper.  and people will find that out!  He says what people want to hear and that changes from day to day”.

I had just tweeted “Sadiq Khan says he will be Mayor for everyone, then launches vicious attack on Tories in the Sunday media, comparing them to Trump supporters.  So not Mayor for everyone then, how long did that last?”

Mr. Zahawi repeated the point I made to Murnaghan.  “Sadiq pretends to be for everyone, but really he is divisive. He savages Tories today, saying they are like Trump supporters, who want Muslims banned from the US.  No way is that the attitude of Tories”.

It is not racist at all to criticise Muslims,  as Atma Singh—Labour’s own South-Asian Affairs advisor to a former mayor of London—points out. To imply that it is, and to hold Sadiq Khan to a lesser standard than his white colleagues merely because he is a brown Muslim, is the very bigotry of low expectations that fuels identity politics even further.

It is outrageous that the Zac Goldsmith campaign was blasted, simply because Zac Goldsmith tried to make Sadiq Khan tell the truth and face scrutiny.  Khan was deliberately evasive, and almost insulting in some of his replies, and this did provoke Zac’s team into taking a tough line.  They warned voters Khan was a security risk.

Poor Zac was tarred as a racist, when the Labour campaign was far nastier than the Tories. They accused Zac of being divisive with dirty strategies when Labour ran one smear campaign after another on twitter, calling Boris a racist, Lynton Crosby a racist (he was not even involved in the campaign!)  and calling Zac a racist. The smears and insults of Labour were vile.

The  SKY coverage has been so horrendously biased, Zac should sue, ditto the BBC.

I agree with Mr. Zahawi and all the respected British Muslims and Jews who are deeply concerned about Sadiq Khan.  Mr. Khan needs to present himself as an individual, not as the Muslim religion incarnate.  The British people will suss Sadiq Khan out.  They will see what a flip flopper he is, and see that he is the divisive one.  I just pray the mask slips before Sadiq badly hurts British Muslims, the Jewish community and totally ruins London.

7 responses to “Sadiq Khan is a flip flopper, says Nadhim Zahawi, he will be found out

  1. Sadiq Khan was filmed at an Ilamic meeting saying “God Willing, the flag of Islam will fly over Downing #street.” It was everywhere on web-sites and UTube. A while later he was on Question Time and said he was an atheist/agnostic, and not a Muslim. Now suddenly he’s a Muslim and is offended by Trump. Flip-flopper is right. When the Burmese freedom politician gave her talk to both houses in Westminster Hall, he was there with his wife (no hajib) and she spent the whole time chewing gun with her mouth open. Disgusting.

    • Interesting. Do you have any actual evidence, we must always be fair to everyone and only judge if there is conclusive evidence of any wrongdoing.Do you have any actual links? Because people can falsely accuse others.

    • It is a standard procedure – atheist till they achieve power, then PZAZ! Wahabis lol

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  3. It was a nice touch, SK choosing Southwark Cathedral for his inaugeration

    • Leon I would like to wish him well, but I can’t. Labur ran an appalling campaign Many respected British Muslims know how two faced he is, in the end, the penny will drop for Londoners.

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