Sadiq Khan’s team strategy was to tar Zac Goldsmith as a racist

Anyone who believes that Zac and his aides ran a dirty, rascist campaign is wrong.  It is clear to me that Zac is not a racist, and tackled the situation in the way he did, because he wanted Sadiq Khan to play fair and face the scrutiny expected of any Mayoral  candidate.zachitDuring this bizarre campaign, we need to focus on two facts,which on the face of it, seem inexplicable.

a) Why did Sadiq Khan consistently refuse to explain any of the incidents concerning extremism that naturally worried Zac’s aides, in a way that would reassure Zac’s team and voters?

b) why was Sadiq so provocative in some of his replies?

To understand these two puzzles, we need to look at the situation from the oppositive perspective.  It was not that Zac’s aides ran a racist campaign.  Sadiq’s silence and his provocative answers were part of a strategy,  egging on Zac’s aides to believed he was hiding something.  The more he stayed ambiguously silent, the more Zac’s aides were provoked into overdrive and overreaction.sadiqextremism3Sadiq Khan was known to have attended rallies where the terrorist black flags were flying.  His explanation was “I thought they were religious messages!”  We have to ask ourselves, is anyone that stupid? Or are they in fact, so underhand and devious, they are engaging in a colossal windup?

There were other replies from Sadiq that seemed vague and peculiar from a qualified lawyer.His claim for example, he didn’t know who was appearing with him on these platforms.  “You just rock up, you  don’t know who else is there and before you know it……..”

Throughout the campaign, unlike Zac, did Sadiq face one hostile interviewer?  He cancelled interviews or was always mysteriously unavailable.  In the meantime, his supporters were engaging in dog whistle politics so enthusiastically,  think blood hounds or bullmastiffs,  painting Zac as the equivalent of the Klu Klux Klan.

Sadiq’s replies were always vague and totally unconvincing.  It was clear to me now this was deliberate.  The trap was laid and the Tory team plopped right into it, understandably.

Unless you are on twitter for hours a day, as I  was, you wouldn’t know all the abuse and dog whistling was coming from Labour.

In GE15, there was similar devious behaviour.  Labour (I believe Alastair Campbell) notified the media the Tories were running a dirty campaign.  Not true.  Labour were smearing with a vengeance, but it was the Tories who copped it.

Part of Labour strategy was to smear the reputation of veteran master strategist  Lynton Crosby. He was repeatedly described as the author of “smear tactics” for Zac.  The truth is he was not running or involved with the campaign.

Andrew Boff is looking at this from completely the wrong angle.  Zac’s team are not to be blamed for regarding Sadiq’s provocative behaviour as suspicious.  If Andrew persists in blaming Zac, he is doing the devil’s work.

This is merely my opinion.  But I would like to ask one vitally important question.  Zac Goldsmith has been tarred a racist.  Throughout the entire bizarre situation, when did anyone hear Zac himself make even one racist remark?   Innocent until proven guilty.  As in the case of GE15, where is the actual evidence?

If Sadiq Khan wins though, I believe he will have won the Mayoralty by cheating.

Update:  Straightfoward Zac was abandoned by Cameron.  In the mind of scheming Cam, Zac at City Hall would be too big a threat to the Remain campaign.  All the ills of the Tory Party are hung round Zac’s neck, including making the Tories the nasty party!

This is ridiculous.  Cam and Osbo have done that throough their ill judged forays regarding cuts to disability payments and tax cut credits.  The sight of pious Cam preaching about “keeping his manifesto” was a sight to see”  Since when?


8 responses to “Sadiq Khan’s team strategy was to tar Zac Goldsmith as a racist

  1. What nonsense.

    • I wish it were. Am deeply concerned about the future of British Muslims under a man such as this. Devious in the extreme.

  2. A very dirty campaign, how the left have portrayed the Cons, just like you say. Heard on the news, that a certain area (s) have been denied a vote due to electrol forms not been received, (Jewish communities). This is not democratic and Kahn should never have been sworn in until people had had the vote! Is this true?

  3. Totally disagree……The Tory hierarchy wanted to see the back of Zac Goldsmith and orchestrated a plan that would see him lose the Mayoral Election and most probably resign as an MP, think about it, he was anti third runway at Heathrow and even more tellingly was one of the few (if any) Tory MPs that spoke out about the Westminster Paedophile ring cover up.

    • Hi Bob. There is something in what you say. Because Zac is for Leave isn’t he. Sadiq Khan USED to be for Leave and was a strong defender of importance of British democracy. Like Corbyn, interesting to see if he backs Government to leave the EU and plays their game that way.

      But Sadiq did plan to tar Zac a racist from the start, his strategy of winding up Zac’s team re. extremism, pretending he has something to hide – maybe he hasn’t – worked.

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