His most cynical U turn yet! Sadiq Khan vowed to defend democracy!

There is actually some good stuff in Sadiq Khan’s conference speech of 2014.  In fact much of it would find approval with Boris Johnson and the Leave campaigners.   These were his words at the Labour Party Conference then.

Labour Party Conference - Day Four… democracy is more than just voting. People should play a part in the way the country is run at all times.

But I say to you Mr Cameron, we’ll stop you stripping the British people of their rights.

That’s why I’m so appalled by Tory plans to abolish the Human Rights Act and walk away from the European Convention of Human Rights. They want to strip people of their rights and make our justice system the preserve of the rich. Tories rubbing their hands at the prospect of governments free to ride roughshod over the sick, the elderly, the disabled and the vulnerable.

So writing off the British people’s interest in politics is foolish. They are interested and engaged. But I get that they feel frustrated and powerless. Vested interests go unchallenged and nothing changes.

We ignore this at our peril. That’s why Labour will overhaul our democracy. Making it as easy as possible for people to vote. Transforming elections so that voting is in tune with the busy lives people lead. 

For the many, not the few.   Standing up for ordinary people.

Just like Corbyn, Sadiq Khan has done a complete U turn regarding our precious democracy that he swore to protect!  This time, he cannot plead an “incredible journey” that caused him to change his views, as he did over the Israeli blockade, which he busily lobbied for right up to 2010!

The Leave campaigners are fighting for democracy in the EU Referendum.  What a travesty!  Sadiq is now suporting the very man he purported to despise, David Cameron!  It is Zac Goldsmith and Boris Johnson who are fighting for the principles Sadiq Khan pretends to believe in.  Sadly and hypocritically, Sadiq is voting for Remain!

One response to “His most cynical U turn yet! Sadiq Khan vowed to defend democracy!

  1. So much for his faith in democracy, drops it like a hot cake as soon as it suits him.

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