Boris proved right over reason for Obama’s British bias says Express

Sensation!  Evidence has just surfaced that Boris Johnson was  right in claiming Obama had resentment to the British and the US Prez has, shamefully, been telling us porky pies! The President has frequently moaned that his grandfather was beaten  up by the British during the Mau Mau uprisings.ObamaTTIP2Not only  in 2012,  did Frederick Forsyth write an article in the Express,  saying the President’s claims don’t add up, but Ann Widdecombe today confirms that Boris has told nothing but the truth. Ann wrote:

“POOR Boris Johnson is getting a great deal of flak over his attack on the interfering President of the United States and especially for alleging that Obama sent back a bust of Churchill and was anti-British.Rubbish, says Mr President, he just loves Churchill.

Well now, what short memories people have! When Barack Obama became President it was widely reported that he had removed a bust of Churchill from the Oval Office.I recall no denials then but it got worse. The President was reported to have claimed frequently that his grandfather had been beaten up by British soldiers during the Mau Mau crisis in Kenya and my colleague Frederick Forsyth comprehensively rubbished the claim in an excellent article in this paper. Who then denied that the President had said it? Nobody, that I recall.

A claim made by Barack Obama has been thrown into doubt

A claim made by Barack Obama has been thrown into doubt

Then the President was said to have snubbed Britain by ignoring the special relationship and meeting other European leaders first. Did he rant on then about how he loved Britain and admired Churchill? Nope. The fact is the President gave every impression of being cold towards Britain at the beginning of his term and, however much he has repented since, he cannot rewrite history now when he wants to tell us what to do.Boris spoke the simple truth as Boris often, if rather colourfully, does.”
Frederick Forsyth wrote:  “The US President has long claimed that his Kenyan grandfather was beaten up by British soldiers during or after the Mau Mau troubles of the Fifties.
This has often been the reason attributed to his considerable coolness towards us – at least until he met the Queen and mellowed. You see, the Mau Mau movement was not just a nationalist group seeking to oust the British and achieve independence.It was also a fiercely Kikuyu-supremacist uprising designed to ensure that after independence Kenya would belong completely to the Kikuyu. This aim was opposed by their centuries-old tribal enemies the Luo. And the Obamas were Luo.” 
Churchill, Obama and Bush.  Interesting article by Diana West with more information on Obama’s dislike of Churchill and Britain. 
How dishonest of President Obama to pretend he was unaware of all of this.  And how foolish.  The truth has a way of coming out and clearly, nothing he says can be taken as fact.

4 responses to “Boris proved right over reason for Obama’s British bias says Express

  1. Obama is obviously a half caste However we never hear of Obama’s full heritage ??

  2. Outrageous smear campaign ripping into Boris for days, and now we read it was all a mistake, twitter mob in the wrong, and Obama telling porky pies! the US Prez KNEW that Boris was telling the truth, but that didn’t mean he had to do the same, he totally denied his previous behaviour.

    What a lying asshole.

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