The US “special relationship” means we give, they take!

If you look at the facts, it is pretty obvious, that the so called “special relationship” is not all it is cracked up to be, at least as far as Britain is concerned.cameronobamacartoonIn World War 2, FDR certainly did not rush to our aid, as Obama pretends.  He steadily insisted, in spite of the desperate pleas of Winston Churchill, that the US would remain neutral, in other words, he left us to the Nazis.   He only changed his mind when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbour and American butts were on the line.

FDR helped with arms etc., but we paid through the nose.  Gordon Brown only finished paying off the loan in 2006.

But when George Bush wanted help in the Iraq War, Tony phony Blair rushed to his side, and our troops died by the thousands in the American cause.  huge mistake.  This unleashed terrorism on the UK.  The US isn’t bothered, they are too far away.

For reasons too varied to go into here, at least half of the UK wants to leave the EU, and there is every indication that Leave will win.  Because it doesn’t suit him, as he is scared about the likely collapse of the Eurozone, Obama has put unprecedented pressure on Britain to stay.  He has bullied and berated us, while declaring “he is not here to affect votes!” Ha!.

He even threatens, Britain will be last in line for a trade deal! As Boris Johnson points out, We don’t have a trade deal now!

So we are supposed to give up our democracy, and accept foreign rule over our laws and rights, something the US would NEVER do! We must accept millions in immigration, putting unbearable pressure on public services and housing.  And we must accept unwarranted interference in every area of our lives from the Eu to oblige him.

Meanwhile, Obama is too mean to pay us the £9 million he owes us in parking fines!  Just who is the fool here?


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