Boris Johnson’s reference to Kenyan suffering misunderstood by twitter mob

Isn’t it always the way?  Mob rule took over on twitter against Boris Johnson because tweeters didn’t know their British history. What happened in Kenya is a huge blot on British colonial dealings, one of the very worst episodes involving  the British Empire.   Details are hear.MauMauAt one stage over 90,000 Kenyans were slaughtered by the British army.  Anyone with any Kenyan blood would be bound to be deeply distraught and traumatised by what happened.

Thousands were tortured and ill treated by the British.

In the light of Kenyan history, it is clear what Boris meant, when he referred to the Kenyan blood of President Obama.   So often his comments are greated by a storm of abuse from those who totally misunderstand him.  In this case, as always he is making a valid point.

8 responses to “Boris Johnson’s reference to Kenyan suffering misunderstood by twitter mob

  1. Ali C smear campaign insisting Boris is a racist, they need to check up on their Kenyan history.

  2. I am a kenyan by birth and I never knew I had or have inherent dislike for Britain!!It is very racist of some people to pretend to speak on behalf of others. What about the Turkish or Indian or Aboriginal or Nigerian or native Americans or even the French inherent dislike of the British?? Is there any nation which can be excluded?? History tells us that the sun never set on the Empire so who would Boris leave out in his analysis?? Anyway it is below his dignity to come out with such pronouncements.

    • In general, if a country has suffered, the people are emotionally traumatised. I am half Dutch. My mother’s family suffered horribly under the Germans. Until the day they died, they were emotionally scarred by what happened. I also don’t trust Germany, fear its domination because of the stories I was told. 90.000 Kenyans were massacred by the British, 1,000s tortured. It would be most unusual if Kenyans were not marked by such awful suffering. I am very glad you have escaped the pain.

  3. I think Obama is anti British because of this family roots in Kenya. Yeah we can all carry historical grudges around with us if we choose to, take your pick from any wars, past or present. Obama as a BIG chip on his shoulder towards the British, I think Boris Johnson was totally correct in his comments concerning Obama. Obama is a hypocrite, he is quite content to see the British relinquish ever more UK national sovereignty to the EU eurocrats in Brussels while the Americans jealousy guard their own national sovereignty in Washington DC.. We call that double standards in the UK.

    • Absolutely agree. A special relationship that argues we should give up democracyand be ruled by a tiny group of Eurotwits? He is having us on. How stupid does he think we are?

  4. The Brexiteers are always banging on about the Commonwealth and how important those relationships are – but now Boris claims that people in those countries, or some of them, nourish an “ancestral hatred” of the UK??? Very odd.
    The United States, by the way, is a member of various organisations, including NATO, which means it is obliged to come to the aid of Latvia if that country is attacked. But I guess that’s not “giving up sovereignty”?

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