Cam’s lies, damned lies and statistics

Before the last election, David Cameron made a series of pledges in his Bloomberg speech.  These were:CamflagsHIS PROMISES:

  1. He would reduce unwanted  immigration to a few 1,000s.
  2. Singlehandedly he would reform the European Union from the top to the bottom.
  3. He said if the secured terms were not what we needed, he would lead the Leave campaign.
  4. The referendum would be before the end of next year.
  5. The EU Ref. will be scrupulously fair.


  1. A third of a million illegals have disappeared into their co-ethnic communities.   Osbo blurted out migrants will eventually add 3 million to the population.
  2. Nobody in Brussels wanted to change a single thing to please the Brits. Instead, the PM fakes that we have reform.
  3. The PM is manically campaigning for Remain.
  4. The EU Ref. has been advanced by 16 months.  Why? The word is that the whole Government suspects 2016 and 2017 will produce another million-plus immigrants from the Mid-East, chaos across the continent, the disintegration of the Schengen open-borders scheme and maybe the euro going into auto-combust.
  5. He has tried desperately to rig it with a campaign of dirty tricks and notables who have been brutally leaned on to support him. The latest ploy being the utterly outrageous £9.3million – not from hedge fund donors but from our tax money – to produce a lying propaganda sheet that is to be mailed to every household. Now Osbo is blatantly lying that Leave will cost every household £4,500.

Cameron has broken every pledge he made the country over immigration and the EU referendum.  He faked that he achieved EU reform.  He concealed a secret deal with the Blairites, and clearly has vested interests.  Anyone who believes him when he says Remain is good for Britain has to be crazy.  He only cares about what is good for him.

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