How Crick’s Boris/Trump stitchup came unstuck

Oh dear!  Crick used to be better than this!    His loud interview at the back of the hall when Boris Johnson was giving his speech at the Vote Leave rally in Manchester was an obvious stitchup, intended to recreate a Trump incident.boriscrickCrick’s pretence at magnanimity afterwards may have fooled some, but didn’t fool me.  Pretend innocence, perfect right?  A well oiled smear campaign immediately swung into operation.  Tweeters with hardly any followers, a major sign of a smear campaign, were suddenly all making the same comparison, that Boris was another Trump.   It was far too smooth and well organised to be genuine,  the signs were unmistakeable.

Crick has form.  His feeble attempt at an ambush of Boris over the ABP China deal also came majorly unstuck when he found himself at the end of a law suit.  Then too, he and Cathy Newman went on twitter to try to whip up anti-Boris feeling, but there was only one problem.  No evidence.  That point was made pretty forcibly by Boris supporters.

Earlier this week, Newman found herself trailing in Boris’s wake, as she tried to ambush him over his views on tax avoidance.  She also got nowhere.

Channel 4 will have to do much much better than this. And when an obviously annoyed Jon Snow started berating me for mytweets, that really was a giveaway!

All the polls show that Boris is the only politician who can beat Jeremy Corbyn.  That is the real reason for these smears.

This tweet got a lot of attention!  From @angelneptustar.  Crick a querulous little pinko always with the snide remark!

After what you’ve been pulling, the least you can expect, Crickie!

One response to “How Crick’s Boris/Trump stitchup came unstuck

  1. Crick is a stirrer, so is Snow. they all fix up ambushes and try to trap people, because basically, they are cheats who can’t rely on the strength of their arguments, so try to trap people.

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