Desperate Cameron turns to flip flop Corbyn to save Remain

The headline from today’s Times tells the whole story Voters turn away from EU, as trust in Cameron slides.corbynremain.However, there was a storm of protest on the airwaves, because Corbyn has been anti-EU most of his life, and as recently as the Labour leadership election, he was saying he would vote for Brexit.

The Times reports:  “The prime minister’s hopes of keeping Britain in the EU appear now to rest in the hands of Jeremy Corbyn after a YouGov poll indicated that Mr Cameron was less trusted on the referendum than the Labour leader.”borisdimplesThe popular view is that Corbyn is shoring up his position in the party,  so he has been been forced to switch sides and vote for Remain.  He wants EU reform and today was still staying the EU was undemocratic.  He must know that for all his life long claim to believe in democracy, if Remain wins, we will lose our democracy forever.

A fundamental principle of the EU is that EU law supercedes British law. The PM’s pathetic attempt at reform got nowhere, Corbyn must know he won’t fare any better and some things about the Eu cannot be changed.

A Times YouGov poll today showed that the ratings of the PM have nose dived by 8 points.  Osborne is so unpopular 34% would rather see Corbyn as PM, while George is on 21%.

Boris wins out all along the line. He is the most popular choice for the next Tory leader by a mile, 25% from voters, way ahead of May, his nearest rival, who is on 8%. He is on 36% with Tory voters, May his nearest rival is on 14%. George limps behind on 4% and 12%.  Boris is by far the Brexiteers biggest asset, with support from non-Tory as well as Tory voter, that sunny  smile and brilliant brain score a dazzling 5/5 points.

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