BACKLASH! Cameron’s cheating over EU Ref is boosting the LEAVE campaign

It has been a wearing few days for the PM and Osbo, and apart from their tax woes, (no laws broken, they have been harshly treated), the real scandal is the way they are fighting to win the EU Ref. no holds barred!EUprojectfearFirst the PM refused to face scrutiny over his infamous £9M leaflet! His  diary is too full. Then there is the full-on scaremongering from Planet Fear, even the IMF was dragged in.   David Miliband, a signatory of the Lisbon Treaty, reached out to pontificate from Mount Sinai.

Because a petition of over 200,000 signatures registered outrage at the £9M of our money spent on a Remain leaflet, there will be a debate in the House.  But this will not happen until May 9th, by which time, everyone in the UK will have received the leaflet!

What Cameron does not realise is the more he thwarts democracy and cheats and finagles the rules of the Referendum, the angrier people will become!

If there is one thing the British people will not stand, it is injustice.  The PM is making a noose for his own neck by cheating.  He is going to have to learn that the will of the people will not be denied and learn it the hard way.

The latest poll shows that LEAVE has surged into the lead by 3 points, 45% to Remain’s 42%, says respected pollster ICM.

UPDATE: Top  tory donors so disgusted at blatant cheating off the PM, they are sinking £5 million into Brexit!

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