The way David Cameron is rigging the EU Referendum is the real scandal

It is understandable that the public believe it is important that our lawmakers stick to those laws themselves,  so they are making a fuss about the PM’s tax affairs. However, the blatantly unfair way the EU Referendum is being conducted is the real national scandal.daveshiftyThe LEAVE campaign is fighting a biased media, who omit vital facts and slant their coverage towards REMAIN. In the Marr show, for example, Boris Johnson was interrupted by Andrew Marr 56 times, to outrage on Twitter.  and viewers tweeted their fury in their hundreds. 

I have personally reported Marr, Good Morning Britain (they continually report REMAIN poll victories, but never LEAVE’s) and SKY News to OFCOM recently.

SKY News reported that the PM was issuing a Referendum leaflet “giving the facts”, and “LEAVE is very angry about it!”  No mention that REMAIN receives £33M for their campaign, and LEAVE only £18M, and the PM is making voters pay £9M for a leaflet that is made up of propaganda and false facts.

It is against the rules of the campaign to issue a leaflet, and make us pay, that is full of propaganda. As Boris Johnson said, this is a waste of public funds, and the money pot should allocate the money equally.

After my complaint to Ofcom, SKY News to their credit, clearly explained that the cash shareout was unfair.

Forget his tax affairs!  It is even worse that David Cameron is seizing every chance to grab an unfair advantage in what is meant to be a fair contest.  For months he allowed REMAIN ministers to campaign while gagging LEAVE supporters “until his EU reform negotiations were completed.”

To his shame, Cameron hid the failure of these negotiations, brazenly pretending they were successful and REMAIN continually insist  “we now live in a reformed EU!”  This level of deceit is shameful.  Even worse he lied to Parliament and treated the serious concerns of his MPs with disgraceful arrogance.

It is clear that David Cameron is terrified he will lose to charismatic Boris Johnson, who certainly doesn’t need a £9M handout from voters to get his point across.  The PM is prepared to do anything to win, including launching a vicious smear campaign designed to stop Bojo in his tracks.  Vain hope!  Boris just bounced back sunny side up.  Duplicitous Cameron should accept June 24th will be Independence Day.  His underhand ways have provoked a furious backlash.  He must have forgotten that cheats never prosper.

Update: David Cameron has ducked the meeting he was supposed to have had to be quizzed over his use of £9M of public funds spent on REMAIN. His pathetic excuse? A too full diary!  The PM is showing contempt for democracy, and he will only drive more people to vote for LEAVE.

One response to “The way David Cameron is rigging the EU Referendum is the real scandal

  1. Downright disgraceful that David Cameron ducked the meeting when he should have been grilled on why he spent this money. We have a right to know.

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