PM grabs another unfair advantage, to win at all cost

Desperate David Cameron is nicking every unfair advantage he can get to ram it to the rest of us.  Now the taxpayer will bear the £9 million cost of leaflets shoved through doors warning of dangers of Brexit!  Robert Peston feebly explained the blatant rule breaking as essential. Brexit cannot claim any such help but we are more than holding our own!cameronpollThe TV media are in the main unfairly biased to Remain and that includes SKY and the BBC!

  But the latest Telegraph poll, see above shows Leave 2 points in front!  Indignation at the unfairness just fuels the Brexit fire!

The vicious smear campaign aimed at Boris Johnson from Remain might have gained them a few cheap points, but that lead has been clawed back by Brexit, as soon as the public realised it was just that.  Smears.   The latest YouGov poll shows the two sides are neck and neck.  Remain has a measly one point lead!EU16David Cameron must be having sleepless nights. Once again what seemed like a solid lead for Remain has melted away.    The Panama Papers are highlighting the tax affairs of notables who use tax havens.  Today the PM’s office issued 4 statements on his tax affairs and Isabel Oakshotte’s article in the Mail made interesting reading.   When questioned about tax havens, Osbo walked out of an interview, as the pressure piles up on him and the PM.  

David Cameron is breaking the rules and bleeding the taxpayer of another £9M for leaflets because Remain is making a lousy case, that is the brutal truth.   They are utterly unconvincing, so why should we cough up for their ineptitude?

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