Leave storms into a 4 point lead as PM begs world leaders for help!

David Cameron is utterly failing to inspire voters over the EU Referendum, nor is he providing a solid argument for staying  The PM faked the EU negotiation, pretending he had achieved reform,  and this has had a devastating effect on his credibility. Prince Charles, The Duchess of Cornwall and the Prime minister attend the 64th anniversary of Victory over Japan day in London.The Guardian reports:  “In a blow to David Cameron and the pro-EU camp, the online survey by Opinium puts the Leave side on 43%, four points ahead of Remain, on 39%. Some 18% of voters said they were undecided, while 1% refused to say.”

Above all, it will be deeply worrying for Cameron, who will almost certainly have to resign as prime minister in the event of a vote to leave. But it also adds to pressure on Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Only 47% of those asked said they identified him as being in favour of remaining in the EU, while 40% said they did not know his view and 12% believed he wanted to leave. Some 78% knew that Cameron wanted to remain in.”graphEU3

On twitter, the Leave campaign rules, Leave.EU is particularly outstanding with briliant pictures and feisty tweets.  UKIP tweeters, led by patriotic Nigel Farage,  are hugely determined and committed.   Boris Johnsn is a symbol of hope and an inspiration for the entire campaign.  However, all the Leave tweeters are brilliant and passionate and my experience is, all work together, helping and supporting each other, there is no rivalry.  We fight together.

“I don’t want to see Remain gain another yard!   WE TWEET ALL NIGHT!      VOTE #BREXIT! VOTE #LEAVE!  Fight for FREEDOM” is the attitude of the Leave campaign, while David Cameron is reduced to begging international leaders for help to save Remain!

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