PM is planning to kick out the Tory right wing for permanent union with Blairites

Journalist Peter Oborne has frequently reported the plans of Cameron and Osborne to do a deal with the Blairites over the EU referendum.  This morning, he makes an even more sensational disclosure in the Mail on Saturday. Cameron is planning to kick out all right wing Tories and encourage the Blairites such as Tristram Hunt and Rachel Reeves to become part of the “modernised” Tory party.cameronEU6Oborne reveals he believes the vicious attack by Matthew Parriss on Boris Johnson was retaliation for IDS’s resignation, which was designed to take George out with him.  Oborne says:  “He (IDS) resolved to take George Osborne with him by making the deadly charge that the Chancellor favoured the rich at the expense of vulnerable disabled people. Mr Osborne survived, but is so badly damaged that he may not be able to continue for long.”

Oborne continues:  “There is already little difference between the followers of Mr Cameron and Mr Blair. The PM wants to leave behind a centrist party, in the Blairite model, which is fit for the 21st century. He also wants to be remembered as the leader who resolved the European question once and for all.” There is a massive flaw though in Cameron’s calculations.

It all begs the question, what about George?  As soon as the Tories won GE15, George barged in to impose hard right policies on the working poor and the disabled.  George’s policies include the massacre of the black cab trade, cuts on tax credits, ESA cuts, and no mercy for the steel trade.

Hard right policies, that most Tories couldn’t even swallow, let alone Blairites.   According to a SKY poll, 80% of voting Tories opposed tax credit cuts.  Oborne says:

“Can he pull it off? To do so he needs a big, decisive win for the Remain campaign in the referendum. A narrow victory would keep the Eurosceptic cause alive — and seething — in the Conservative party, especially if there were doubts about the fairness of the way in which the referendum campaign was conducted.

(Already, the full might of government and civil service seems to have been dragooned into supporting the Remain campaign at the PM’s behest.)”

Added to which, George Osborne has missed practically every fiscal target he has set himself.  Borrowing is grotesque and the national debt is £1.8 trillion.  Cameron’s plans are all very well in theory.   If everything fell apart through the sheer incompetence and double dealing of his badly damaged bosom buddy George, it would be sweet irony indeed.

3 responses to “PM is planning to kick out the Tory right wing for permanent union with Blairites

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  2. The toys are not shouting the the Margaret Thatcher story. They are the same as feminist Blair party. Thatcher said no to EU Rule.The party has been infiltrated wolves in sheep’s clothing about the Fabian Society Blair Brown Cameron 3 Scots Fellows. Laughable but look what’s happening

    • Thatcher had a vision of a group of sovereign states, working together but all free and independent, she realised that Germany particularly wazs set on control of Europe.

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