Treasury nitpicker who grilled Bojo is an Osbo fanboy

It was perfectly obvious from the ridiculous verbal gymnastics of Andrew Tyrie, the nit picking inquisitor of the Treasury Select Committee putting Boris Johnson through his paces yesterday over the EU, that a major stitchup was in progress.andrewtyrieTyrie’s questions were wildly unreasonable, and the way he twisted things round was a huge giveaway. Irritatingly for Tyrie, Boris kept his good humour.  Even more annoyingly, he started giving back as good as he got, at which Tyrie displayed all the charm and grace of a stuffed vulture.

Now the cat is out of the bag! The explanation for Tyrie’s faux outrage and carefully over rehearsed one liners was revealed in the Sun. Sun Politics reported:

Sources put the row down to Mr Tyrie wanting George Osborne to be the next leader of the Conservative party!

You don’t say!  Osbo must be losing his touch, because the way the entire thing was handled,  anyone could have spotted the ambush a mile off!  No wonder George had an easy ride today facing the same committee discussing the Budget, but to revive his career, he is going to have to bribe Lazurus.

Update:  Tory Toady lets George off lightly was headline of Times article describing what happened when Osbo faced a Select Committee on his disastrous Budget.    Chris Philp grovelled with the best of them!   Corrupt George even has Select Committee members in his pocket.   From Tyrie, just a mild reproof at the antics of Philp.  No independence from this committee!


One response to “Treasury nitpicker who grilled Bojo is an Osbo fanboy

  1. Surprise! Trust George Osborne’s stamp to be all over this, but it didn’t actually work. Osbo has serious problems, debt out of control, Ipso Mori has Cameron BELOW Corbyn in approval ratings.

    George is just too arrogant. Talking and laughing with Michael Gove while Corbyn was talking about the stress on families who had disabled members was horrible. OK defend the principe, but what about courtesy, let alone compassion.

    He tried to brazen it out. Wrong choice.

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