The real story of how Boris biffed the bumbling Eurotwits

Awfully funny article by Quentin Letts in the Daily Mail on what really happened when Boris Johnson was quizzed by the Treasury Select Committee.borisEU7At first he was taken aback by the nitpicking level of the questioning from Andrew Tyrie, but as ever a counterpuncher, Boris soon rallied.

Quentin said:  “He (Tyrie)  put it to Boris that certain yarns about EU interference were overhyped. Boris sagged at first but was soon biffing back. He was able to cite chapter, and sometimes verse (‘the directive in question is 213015 from memory’), on various European embuggerances regarding teabags, lorry windows and coffin sizes. Juncker and gang pursue us even to the grave.borisEU8Mayor Boris was particularly strong on EU rules which stop lorries being made safer for London cyclists. Mr Tyrie became irked that his victim was fighting back so successfully. He tried interrupting Boris. Boris took no notice. Then he told Boris to stop interrupting him, even though Tyrie had been the one to interrupt in the first place.

Boris was prone to ‘exaggeration and misrepresentation’. Boris, genially: ‘I disagree. You have failed utterly in your experiment. I have demolished all your questions!’ With that he gave a Stan Laurel frown followed by a chipper little grunt of merriment.

Mr Tyrie renewed his assault, so Boris told the room about a book Mr Tyrie wrote in 2002 entitled Never Say Never –Common Sense on the Single Currency. Bullseye! Boris kept noting that the moany maunderers (he called them ‘gloomadon poppers’) who predict apocalypse if we quit the EU are the same clowns who said we should dump sterling for the euro.”

To read the rest of this hilarious piece, click here

Six out of ten of our laws are born in Brussels said Boris,later in the meeting. The London Mayor revealed new research by the House of Commons library suggesting that up to 60 per cent of British regulations originate from the EU.

Giving evidence to the Commons Treasury committee yesterday, Mr Johnson said the scale of the legislation underlined the growing threat posed by Brussels to British democracy.

2 responses to “The real story of how Boris biffed the bumbling Eurotwits

  1. Clearly an ambush by the Treasury Select Committee but Boris is used to squishing that sort of thing.

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