EU out to kill democracy, and Remain and the PM are all for it

Does the PM even realise the irony of what he is saying?  In the House of Commons today, he praised the virtues of democracy, suggesting that the demonstration of democracy is a weapon in reducing terrorism. davebully EU law now supercedes British law, a development furiously deplored by Boris Johnson. The ability of the British people to call our law makers to account is gone, and the PM is all for it.   He is even undemocratically lining up authority figures such as the US Prez to tell us what to vote.

Cameron and Osbo show the same contempt for democracy in their government style.  Osbo corrupts the rules, removing safety regulations and flooding London with minicabs to destroy the black cab trade.  Legislation to cap PHVs is refused.  He forces unfair Treasury policy onto Ministers for short term gain, making IDS resign.  Big business is favoured, small businesses ignored.   If Ministers refuse to toe the line, he cuts off their funding.

The PM backs bullying George to the hilt.  When first trying to force tax credit cuts on the Tory party (80% disapproved in a SKY poll) the PM said he was “proud” of the cuts.  When Osbo was trying to get tax credit cuts through, he called MPs in and said “What can I do for your constituency?”  Having been offered a a free vote on the EU referendum,  some Ministers were threatened with the sack.  Adding insult to injury over the disability cuts debacle, the PM praised Osbo’s success in imposing social justice.

Bullying, blackmail and bribery.  When Osbo once started talking about “caring about the future of our children” and supporting small businesses,  he will understand why the reaction was cynical laughter.

David Cameron seems to think that if he keep talking about democracy,  we are so daft we won’t realise we don’t have it anymore.Dominic Sandbrook points out “For as the past shows with overwhelming clarity, national patriotism is often a far more powerful force than either utopian idealism or economic self-interest.”

Today Boris Johnson said:  ” The enlargement of the EU has seen an intensification of the dominance of Germany”.

The PM is beginning to be ridiculed for his claim he is patriotic, when what he is actually supporting is the death of democracy and German domination.  This glaring contradiction means Osbo and the PM might be in for a nasty shock.

They might find out, and I pray to God they do, that on June 23rd, the British people are not quite as stupid as they think we are.

One response to “EU out to kill democracy, and Remain and the PM are all for it

  1. Do voters realise the PM of the UK is blithely waving goodbye to our rights and doesn’t give a damn!

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