CBI scaremongering re. Brexit proved false

The game is up!  The cat is out of the bag!   Remain has been trying it on bigtime, the PM seems to have been fantasising  and the CBI scare stories turn out to be for children!  Not for us.CameronCBICityAm says:  “Leaving the EU requires that we follow Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, meaning we would continue to have full access to the Single Market in the two years stipulated for negotiating our disentanglement. We already have all the necessary regulations so should not expect trade to be disrupted.

We also need to remember that, following Brexit, the UK saves £12bn net per annum in EU membership fees and can tailor regulation to meet its needs. This would be a spur to significant growth. Open Europe has calculated that the most wasteful 100 EU regulations cost over £33bn each year and there are thousands of others on top of that. These could be greatly reduced or simplified, helping small businesses, job creation and the consumer.”

It gets better.

Separate studies by academics,  as well as a UK Treasury cost-benefit analysis commissioned by Gordon Brown, have all shown the EU is a drag on UK economic growth in a range from 4 to 12 per cent.

Add to this the admission by chairman of the Remain side, Lord Rose, that wages would rise once outside the EU and we see the economic case for staying in is collapsing.

Voters want facts?  Here they are. CityAM confirmed that today, 21st March, 2016 was the day the CBI conceded defeat in the EU economic argument.

One response to “CBI scaremongering re. Brexit proved false

  1. Voters need to know the facts here, so we are covered for two years, not bad!
    Confirmation too that EU is not good for us.

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