New poll puts Leave well in the lead, while PM makes worst argument ever

Has David Cameron already given up mentally?  A new poll puts Leave way in the lead.  David Cameron invokes World War 2 and says he is a patriot.  A patriot who is giving up British democracy to German domination in the EU?  This has to be the worst argument ever. graph41The Government had a massive drubbing over the Budget, but Boris Johnson on The Agenda fairly pointed out it was good for London and excellent for infrastructure, which helps the entire UK. A one time, Osbo wanted to cancel Crossrail and Boris had to threaten to resign.  Bojo has clearly won the argument over infrastructure then.

Remain leader Alan Johnson let slip that Remain is having trouble finding a clear, powerful argument to push the Remain cause, and he fears they will lose.  Andy Burnham also said Remain will lose. queenlilac2A disconsolate PM seems to be going through the motions on automatic pilot, as the passion for Leave grows!  Our Queen has told Obama she will not be coming back to London to have tea with him!  The gutsy Queen could not make it clearer, she is for Leave!   We have never loved her more than now.

21/3/16  Another poll out also puts Brexit in the lead.

Britain Elects EU referendum poll:

Remain: 41% (-2)     Leave: 43% (+2) (via ICM / 18 – 20 Mar)

One response to “New poll puts Leave well in the lead, while PM makes worst argument ever

  1. Nobody that argues for death of democracy and is cool with it can possibly be a patriot, we aren’t stupid!

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