PM swaps Project Fear for Project White Flag

We are all glad some progress has been made over the tampon tax, as tampons cannot possibly be claimed as a luxury.  But nothing revealed how far Britain has slipped under the domination of the EU as the way the PM had to plead to an unelected Eurotwat for us to be allowed to make a decision on tampon VAT!davetamponsThe Express reports:  The Government is now facing an embarrassing revolt on the issue, with eurosceptic Tories threatening to vote for the amendment as a means of highlighting Brussels’ grip on the setting of UK rates of VAT.

David Cameron, the PM of the UK, was forced to beg Juncker for permission to break EU rules on VAT! And yet when Juncker finally agreed in principle, this was presented as a victory, “We have achieved something a government has never achieved before” said George Osborne desperately.  MIGOD, have we really sunk so low!

In the Telegraph yesterday, Allister Heath declared “The EU Inners  will regret turning Project Fear into Project White Flag.”    Jean Claude Juncker is not elected by the British people.  Nothing showed more clearly how British democracy is dying.  EU Law now supercedes British Law, a vital fact that still seems to have escaped many who support Remain.

Now that he has been disproved on Project Fear, Cameron has fallen back on Project White Flag, weedily declaring if we leave, Remain will be unable to fight for Britain’s future, they don’t have the ability or the initiative.  Truth is,  our PM likes a quiet life, never happier  than slumped on the sofa with a box set and a packet of Pringles.

It’s a weird argument for any side that wants to win a campaign, the We are Total Weeds!  The PM has no faith in Britain, no confidence in the talent, ability and fighting spirit of our people, a confidence Boris  Johnson has in spades! Not a winning strategy is it?

One response to “PM swaps Project Fear for Project White Flag

  1. Very good article Allister Heath article, PM is a natural born white flag waver, fighting too much like hard work.

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