Boris storms into lead with pro bookies as Osbo’s chances fall off a cliff

The pro bookies all show that Boris Johnson has stormed into the lead to be the next Prime Minister ahead of George Osborne. Boris is also ahead to be next Tory leader.   A new ORB poll also shows that BorisJohnson is doing twice as well as his rivals in polling to be next PM and party leader. boriswhimsical2Next Prime Minister

Boris 11/4 Osborne  11/2  Cameron 6/1  May 11/1

Next Tory leader

Boris 2/1  Osborne 5/1   Gove/May  11/1

Polling done by the Leave campaign proves that Boris is proving an huge asset, and is making voters sit up and listen.  The Daily Express says Alan Johnson, Labour leader of Remain, is gloomy about his campaign’s chances, admitting they were having a huge problem articulating their message.  “We can’t find the simple phrases” moaned Alan, “it’s going to be tough.”  Andy Burnham has outright said he thinks Leave will win.

David Cameron has assumed his usual default position.  He is soon bogging off on another holiday with his family to Lanzarote.

Leave campaigners are totally fired up, we believe in our cause, we have the passion and the fire and the belief to win.

One response to “Boris storms into lead with pro bookies as Osbo’s chances fall off a cliff

  1. It was only a matter of time! Pm and Osbo making a pigs ear of Tory party. Style of government being strongly questioned, bullying, browbeating, bribery, blackmail, they are damaging the Party really badly.

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