How Labour Assembly members betrayed working people twice

Labour members at the London Assembly in City Hall to their everlasting shame, are refusing to fight for British democracy and the rights of the working man.  We hear a lot of clap trap about how they fight for the rights of the people, but when push comes to shove, they actually don’t.

Len Duvall

Len Duvall

Democracy is being strangled by the EU, because British Law is now less powerful than EU Law.  Instead of vigorously protesting, Labour Assembly members, led by Len Duvall, back the EU and don’t give a toss that if we stay in the EU, working men will lose their power to hold our law makers to account forever.

In fact, Len Duvall chided Boris Johnson, who is a leading light in the Leave campaign for “upsetting the special relationship!”  Bernie Sanders spoke up in the US last night to praise US democracy, saying how important it was for working people.  Unassertive Len sees nothing wrong in the US Prez swanning over here to tell us what to vote, insisting that unlike US democracy, British democracy should be abandoned.

In the worst example of the decent working man being attacked by the present Tory Government, Labour Assembly members have also done nothing to help the black cab trade.    Why have Labour members not come out fighting to defend black cabs, and to support the Mayor who all along has fought George Osborne from allowing Uber to escape safety regs and flood London with PHVs?

When the issue of minicabs was taken away by Osbo through the Secretary of State, so that he could continue his shameful attack on iconic black taxis, Labour members did not lift a finger.   Their silence is another black blot on their record together with their failure to defend British democracy.

Thank heaven working people have Boris Johnson to fight for them on both these issues.

One response to “How Labour Assembly members betrayed working people twice

  1. Absolutely disgusting that the Labour London Assembly members happily wave goodbye to the right to vote for the working man. In the US, Bernie Sanders praised US democracy, here PM and obviously Labour, actively work to destroy it.

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