Osborne credibility shot to hell after what he is doing to the black cab trade

When Osbo today started talking about “caring about the future of our children” and supporting small businesses,  he will understand why the public reaction was cynical laughter. .  Osbo has such  a love of multinationals and is so enamoured of his buddy, Uber boss Travis Kalanick, he is deliberately trying to kill the black cab trade.osbobudgetHis unscrupulous strategy is to flood London with hundred and hundreds minicabs, thereby causing such awful pollution, hundreds of thousands of children get chest illnesses from  the filthy air. He is also letting the cabs off safety regulations The aim is to force black cabs off the road.

You have to be pretty damn callous to let minicabs off safety regulations when you know it means that rapes and assaults on women are rising.  It is disgraceful to try to ruin black cab drivers who have just won the prize for the best international taxi service for the sixth time, particularly in such an unfair, underhand way.

Apparently in Leeds, the Uber strategy has worked and there are no more black cabs there.  What did Uber do?  They immediately whacked up fares to the level that black cabs used to charge, so people are paying far more for a vastly inferior service.

If Osbo succeeds in his disgraceful plan in London, which I doubt, his name will go down in history in shame and ignominy for destroying a centuries old, highly skilled trade, dating from the time of Oliver Cromwell and replacing it with a duff, 3rd rate, dangerous service, which isn’t any cheaper than black cabs.

4 responses to “Osborne credibility shot to hell after what he is doing to the black cab trade

  1. Nobody can trust either Osbo or Cameron to tell the truth to voters anymore. The “good deal for Britain” was a complete fabrication. George Osborne is in bed with Uber, doesn’t give a stuff about anything but his leadership prospects.

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  3. Yeah, but he will be living in his shiny glass and chrome twr, living of the money that ckalanick and co have left him in his nice cosy off shore hard to trace bank account.

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