PM thinks we can’t decide on EU Ref without advice from Obama and Hollande? Yes We Can!

So great is the contempt of the Prime Minister for the British people, he thinks we need the advice of foreign Heads of State on the EU Ref.  to tell us what to vote.  Cameron is lining up President Obama, and the French Prez Hollande to frighten us about the horrors that await us if we vote OUT, says Dominic Lawson in the Sunday Times.obamahollandeThe time of Obama and Hollande would be better spent warning us of the dangers of having a war monger, Tony Blair, as the EU Prez. That is the price demanded by the Blairites as the cost of their support over Europe.

The panicking PN is parachuting Obama into the UK as of now purely to tell us how to vote!  Pretty poor show!

Tony Blair and David Cameron speak as one! If Brexit wins, it will mean Scottish  independence.  No sale! Andrew Neil on BBC Sunday Politics proved they can’t afford to. Can we make the right decision on the EU Ref without the assistance of the US Prez?  Yes We Can!

If there is one factor guaranteed to  bring out the stubbornness of the British people,  it is being told what to vote!  First Obama, then he has Hollande lined up!  Whatever next?   The army?

The PM and Osbo are terrified of Boris Johnson, reports Cleggers in new tell all bio. Also crazy jealous.

One response to “PM thinks we can’t decide on EU Ref without advice from Obama and Hollande? Yes We Can!

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