Cowardy custard Cameron simply doesn’t have the courage to fight for Britain

The positive benefits of Remain are never mentioned, probably because there aren’t any. We haven’t received more than we put in to the EU for 32 years.cameronunhingedHowever there is one argument Remain supporters never stop repeating.  If we leave, heaven help us!  The threats, bullying and horrendous vengeance of a furious EU will outdo the Furies.  It will take forever.  They will penalise us, give us nothing.  If we leave, they will punish us for our cheek mercilessly, like a jealous lover, our suffering will never end!  Nobody leaves the EU!

We had already had a  taste of how the EU treats anyone who asks for anything.  It was open humiliation for the PM when, cringing like a supplicant, he mumbled something about wanting reform. He was sat on so firmly by a furious Merkel, Juncker and the rest of gang  for his termerity in complaining,, his face told the entire story.davegrovellingThe  safest thing is to stay in the EU, was the unbelievable message the PM brought back from his ordeal, instead of acknowledging the only way to stay IN is if the EU reforms. Instead of blasting the arrogant Burgomeisters from here to Hades, and walking out, he tried to save face by pretending he had achieved the “good deal for Britain” that he palpably had not.

Do Remain voters genuinely believe we should stay with such people? They argue we should stay in the EU not because it is a good option, graphs here shows it is not.  We should stay because we will be ill treated if we leave.  That is the Remain argument, and they betray everyone in the UK by that argument.

I can only assume that every coward  in the UK, who returns ill treatment with appeasement, who lets themselves be walked over to avoid a row, and who would rather do anything than stand up and fight for their rights, even if it means giving up democracy and the right to vote, sees Remain as the safer option.

Remain cannot see that giving in might be easier in the short term, but bullies, particularly corrupt bullies like the EU, are  never deterred by appeasement.  Remain voters, if they win, are letting the country and also themselves in for a lifetime of suffering, subjugation,  poverty and heartache.

One response to “Cowardy custard Cameron simply doesn’t have the courage to fight for Britain

  1. Didn’t Cameron say The EU needs reform and if we don’t get it, we should leave?

    He has got another agenda here with the Blairites,and doesn’t give a damn about reform.

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